Wooden Bunting by Cubbylove | July 22, 2013

Thought sharing this might be a festive way to kick-off the week! Pretty wooden bunting by Cubbylove. Such a cute name too, doncha think?

See all their other colourful goodies in their shop.

{ photos from Cubbylove website }

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  1. I love these, they would be so perfect for a small gathering with friends! I love it when i get introduced to beautiful products, thanks Amy. x
  2. love this diy!
  3. It really is a nice way of starting the week :) Lovely idea. Thank you for sharing xxx
  4. Very pretty! I love its rustic colors.
    Thanks for sharing :)
  5. Just when I was thinking I was growing tired of bunting! This is awesome, love the cute round one :)
    Em x
  6. Love, love, LOVE these..!

    I haven't seen bunting that gets me this excited in ages. I want to get my hands dirty & DIY my own version ASAP!

  7. These are amazing and perfect for any summer BBQ!
  8. good, so beautiful!
  9. Beautiful! Love the circles one, never seen one like it! Thanks!

    Best regards,
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